Fig 08 about the event - The largest Number of Figaros ever gathered in one place in the UK ever!

Fig 08 was the first national gathering for Nissan Figaro owners at the Heritage Motor Centre (HMC) museum at Gaydon, Warwickshire on Sunday May 18th 2008.


After the success of Fig08 we have decided to run a register for Figaro and Pike series cars in the UK so that when we run Fig10 we can let everyone know!

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Total cars that attended: 208 plus 3 Paos, 1 S-Cargo, 1 Be-1 and 1 Rasheen.

Total raised so far for the Wheels Project £1,100


There are over 600 pictures on Flickr.


Total riased so far: £1,100 for the Wheels Project.

It was run on a non-profit basis by Laura, Figaro owner of 3 years, and her Dad, David, who works part-time at the Museum. It was a fantastic day with 208 Figaros plus 3 Paos, 1 S-Cargo, 1 Be-1 and 1 Rasheen. You can see photos at


The Fig08 posters and the raffle held on the day with prizes donated by the traders helped raise £1,100 for the Wheels Project,


A full write up of the day can be found on the news page but below you will find details of all of the businesses and prizes at Fig08.

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Businesses that attended Fig08 and donated prizes:

  • Andrew from Barratt Shipping Ltd., main shipping agents for all the major importers of Figaro’s ex Japan to the UK, and will be at the Algy Autos and Marc Harkins stands during the day. (donating the promise of an original Figaro Key Ring that were given to Figaro owners in Japan when they first came out. He is currently waiting for it to arrive and will forward it to the winner).
  • Car Handbooks are unable to attend but are donating a  Figaro Handbook
  • Sarah from (donating a vintage Union Jack cushion from her website, which is worth £40).
  • Clarion Service UK -are unable to attend but have very kindly donated this great prize: one full refurbishment of a Figaro Stereo to one of our models 580USB. This prize is worth £400.00! See the website for more details:
  • Baz.f (Barrie Feltham) - (donated prize: a set of cupholders).
  • James - Importsaver - see - to read about the service James provides for £200 and which he donating (one of) as a prize..
  • Mark Harkins - will be bringing a customized Figaro in Red with 18" inch alloys, TV, DVD players and much much more... (donated prize: £200 gift voucher to be spent on anything with Figaroclub).
  • Custom Figaro - spares - custom/show number plates (donated prize: custom/show number plate).
  • Hallen Import Specialists / Figaro restore, www.figarorestore, will be bringing a Nissan Cube and a Figaro (donated prize: either a Figaro parking stick or cupholder).
  • Inkstyles : (donated prize: a Fig08 T-shirt ).
  • Total Nissan Magazine - (donated prize: 3  yearly subscriptions donated).
  • Figs4u - (donated prize: Figaro Maintenance Book).
  • Figgy Pudding - Figaro merchandise (donated prize: Figaro Tea Towel).
  • Gareth - GJ Northall
  • Jason is bringing a S-Cargo a grade 5, 11,000kmh Lapis Grey Figaro and a custom paint figaro (donated prize: a new roof to be fitted on the day).
  • John from will be coming along with a Nissan Cube (donated prize: interior upgrades worth over £500).
  • are bringing an "as new" Emerald Green, a Hot Orange Flip Custom and a few related Figaro accessories (donated prize: a set of mud flaps).

What happended on the day:

  • Order a T-shirt: Official FIG 08 T-shirts.
  • Interior Refurbishment advice: John from donated an interior worth over £500 which could include panels, seats and carpets as one of the prizes at the show.
  • Roof fitting demonstration: Jason from demonstrated how to fit a new roof and fitted one to a lucky Fig08 attendee in the afternoon.
  • Car of the Event - Attendees voted for their favourite or the most interesting car.
  • Figgy Quiz: mikeIOW (Figaro Fanantic)  tested Figaro Knowledge with the Mark 11 Figgy Quiz.
  • A prize for the car that has traveled the furthest to get to Fig08.
  • Figaro experts, mechanical and sales:
    • Baz.f (Barrie Feltham) - advice on buying a Figaro
  • Forum Meeting Point: meet the top posters from the online Figaro forum, join in the fun and help raise money for the “wheelsproject” - Display of fig memorabilia - Figgy raffle - Fig08 laminates to buy – Fig08 Forum Collage – help choose the definitive collective noun for a group of figs – the Fig who drove most to get here –comments board- the forum sing-along-a-scooby!


To find out more about Nissan Figaros visit wikipedia.